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The 6 Best Beaches on St. Thomas

Famous Sapphire beach on St. Thomas island

If you’re planning a trip to St. Thomas in the USVI, you’re probably in search of some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. With more than 40 major beaches to choose from, St. Thomas definitely delivers. This idyllic island offers the perfect tropical getaway, with palm trees swaying in the breeze and the sun glinting on the blue water.

Whether you’re looking for soft white sand or rocky shores, a fun beach party or some quiet relaxation, you can take your pick from this list of the best beaches on St. Thomas.

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Coki Beach

Best for: Swimming, snorkeling, and beach parties
Entrance: Free
Parking: Paid parking lot ($5) and roadside parking. On busy days, it’s best to take a taxi or bus.

Coki Beach, or Coki Point, is one of the most popular beaches on the island thanks to its calm waters, convenient amenities, and classic Caribbean views. This beloved beach is popular among locals and visitors alike. On weekdays, you’ll find it full of cruise ship passengers, while on the weekends locals arrive for some sun and sand. This means it’s typically a little crowded.

However, the crowds are here for a reason. One of the major draws of Coki is that you can go snorkeling right from the shore. Located on the East End of the island, Coki features a rocky reef where you can spot coral, fish, rays, crabs, and more. You don’t have to go far to find amenities like beach chair and umbrella rentals (which are definitely a necessity since there’s not much shade on the beach.)

At Coki’s brightly colored wooden stalls, you can purchase food, drinks, beach gear, souvenirs, and anything else you need! The nearby bars often play music, creating a lively vibe with people dancing against the beautiful backdrop of the turquoise waters. You should plan to visit this beach at least once!

Sapphire Beach

Best for: Sunbathing, swimming, and water sports
Entrance: Free
Parking: Public parking on-site

This picturesque beach lives up to its name with the water’s striking shades of blue. Located on Sapphire Bay Resort, this is another popular spot with visitors. It’s definitely not secluded, but in exchange it offers amenities and plenty of fun. The wide stretch of white sand is dotted with sea grape trees on one side, perfect for relaxing in the shade and taking in the sweeping views of St. John and the nearby cays.

Water sport enthusiasts love this beach. Enjoy snorkeling in the shallow rocky ledge and reefs on the right side of the beach, or head to the marina for jet skiing, parasailing, and even windsurfing. You can find snorkel and kayak rentals on-site. When it’s time for a break, visit Sapphire Beach Bar for a beachside meal and a couple drinks. Sit back and take in the beautiful scenery that makes this one of the best beaches on the island!

Hull Bay

Best for: Hanging with the locals
Entrance: Free
Parking: Roadside parking and dirt lot

Tucked away from the tourist spots, Hull Bay is a favorite hangout spot for the locals. Get away from the crowds and experience St. Thomas from a local perspective at this beach! You’ll see a lot of fishing boats moored at the bay, gently swaying and adding to the tranquil atmosphere.

Its waters are calm most of the year, but when the north swell comes in, typically from November to March, Hull bay turns into a local favorite surfing spot! The rocky seafloor offers some scenic views for snorkelers, who can encounter coral, squids, and large fish. But this is not an ideal swimming spot for kids or those without much experience.

Hull Bay doesn’t have many amenities, but a popular gathering place is the Hull Bay Hideaway, where you can grab fish tacos and a bucket of beer to share with friends. The locals typically come here in the afternoon to have a drink, play some dominos, and watch the sunset. If you desperately need a haircut, hit up Ed the Barber, a unique barbershop on the beach, for a quick trim!

Magens Bay Beach

Best for: Stunning views, swimming, and water sports
Entrance: $2 residents, $5 non-residents (children under 12 free)
Parking: $2 to park on-site

Widely considered to be the most beautiful beach on St. Thomas, you’ll find Magens Bay Beach on lists of the top beaches in the Caribbean. Its signature horseshoe shape and white sand, flanked by mountains on either side, give it the iconic tropical beach look. Even the drive to the beach through the mountains is scenic.

There’s plenty of fun to be had in the warm, calm waters of this protected bay! Whether you’re looking for sunbathing, walking, playing in the sand, swimming, or watersports, Magens Bay has ideal conditions. You can rent a kayak or paddle board and set out on an adventure, or just sit under the shade of a palm tree with a good book.

The amenities make this beach especially convenient, with clean bathrooms, picnic tables, rental shops, a restaurant and beach bar, a wheelchair ramp, and lifeguards on duty every day. The beach is typically crowded, especially when the cruise ships arrive. Visit early in the morning if you want some peace and quiet.

a sandy beach next to a body of water

Low tide at sunset on Lindquist Beach, US Virgin Islands. Beautiful beach on St Thomas Island and other islands on horizon.

Lindquist Beach

Best for: A laid-back beach day
Entrance: $2 residents, $5 non-residents (children under 13 free)
Parking: $2 to park on-site

This pristine beach is one of the most beautiful on St. Thomas. Part of the 21-acre protected area of Smith Bay Park, it features crystal-clear, calm waters with gentle waves that invite you in for a swim. If you want to explore, you can enjoy some snorkeling on either side of the beach, and on the west you’ll find a shallow shelf with tide pools.

The white sand has a faint touch of pink, making this beach even more photo-worthy. It’s perfect for building sandcastles or just taking in the views of the British Virgin Islands as you sit under the shade of the coconut grove. You won’t find many amenities, but there are picnic tables, bathrooms, and a lifeguard on duty. There are also a few sheds you can rent for private events.

Lindquist Beach is usually quiet during the week, making it the perfect spot for some peace and quiet. On the weekends, you’ll find residents enjoying picnics and parties.

Brewers Bay

Best for: Spotting turtles and playing in the sand
Entrance: Free
Parking: Roadside parking (You can also take the bus to campus and walk.)

This hidden gem isn’t hard to find — it’s located right next to the University of the Virgin Islands — but you’ll typically find it uncrowded on weekdays. Brewers Bay has calm waters and a sandy bottom that make it perfect for swimming. The wide shore lends itself to games of frisbee or throwing around a ball in the sand. But it also means there’s no shade, so be sure to bring an umbrella or beach tent.

This is one of the best spots to see green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles in the water, and beachcombers can often find seashells dotting the shore. The only amenities are a bathroom and outdoor showers, so be sure to bring all the gear you need for the day. When you get hungry, you can head to the roadside food trucks that often park here, selling local treats like pates, johnny cakes, salt fish, and refreshing fruit drinks.

The stunning beaches of the Virgin Islands await you! You don’t have to go far from the Charlotte Amalie port to enjoy a world-class beach. Come find out what makes St. Thomas one of the best Caribbean destinations. Want to add more excitement to your beach day? Head out on a Jeep tour and discover everything this charming island has to offer.