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St. Thomas Jeep Tours & Rentals

Discover the island's hidden gems.

Uncover the Secrets of St. Thomas

Uncover the secrets of St. Thomas like a true adventurer on a rugged off-road vehicle! Combine all the wonders of sightseeing with an active experience as you explore the island with a local.

Discover sugar plantation ruins, visit secluded beaches, and hear stories from your guide as you enjoy all the best of St. Thomas on a Jeep tour! Want to chart your own course? Book a Jeep rental and create a custom adventure.


Thrilling Off-Roading & Spectacular Views!

The dirt roads and hidden trails of St. Thomas await you! Hop on a Jeep and traverse the island like the locals do, finding amazing sights and refreshing spots to swim along the way. Some of the most breathtaking viewpoints on St. Thomas can be reached by land, offering you scenic landscapes that you can’t find anywhere else.

Visit some of the locals’ favorite sites and stop at spectacular landmarks, like the abandoned sugar plantation ruins and secluded beaches. Take a quick hike to enjoy the flora and fauna of the island, or jump into the water for some snorkeling among the coral reefs. When you’re ready for refreshment, hit up a local bar where you can have a delicious lunch.

Let a local guide lead the way and create the perfect route based on what you want to see and do. If you’re a trailblazer and want to create your own route, grab a Jeep rental and get ready for a unique adventure.

Browse our St. Thomas Jeep tours and rentals and book online today!

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