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How to Swim with Dolphins in St. Thomas

St. Thomas is home to incredible marine life like tropical fish, green sea turtles, and even whales and dolphins. Whale and dolphin watching is especially spectacular during February and March, when whales and dolphins return to the area after birthing their calves. And while you might get to spot a friendly dolphin on a boat charter or snorkeling tour, there’s one way to ensure you get up close and personal with these delightful marine mammals: Swim with the dolphins in St. Thomas!

Chance wildlife encounters can be thrilling, but rare – imagine the excitement you’ll feel swimming with dolphins and experiencing their charm and grace just inches from your fingertips. St. Thomas’s natural, in-ocean sea sanctuary at Coral World Ocean Park lets you do just that through several immersive experiences that give you intimate encounters with beautiful bottlenose dolphins. 

St. Thomas Dolphin Swim Excursions

People come from all over the world to enjoy the stunning views, weather, and beaches of the U.S. Virgin Islands. As a major hub for cruise ships and tourism, St. Thomas is a prime spot to view and interact with dolphins – in fact, dolphin encounters are one of our favorite things to do here! Known for its beaches and snorkeling spots, St. Thomas delights visitors with its tropical atmosphere and unique wildlife. There are so many amazing water activities to enjoy, like parasailing, kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling. Swimming with the dolphins in St. Thomas is one of the most memorable experiences you can have on a USVI vacation! 

Your St. Thomas dolphin swim excursion begins at Coral World Ocean Park, where dedicated marine conservationists have constructed a state-of-the-art dolphin sea sanctuary complete with fish, coral, and other additions that mirror the dolphins’ natural habitat. This large, open space facilitates dolphin well-being and exploration – and it sets the scene for a one-of-a-kind experience swimming with dolphins in St. Thomas!

You’ll get to meet dolphins right in the water and swim alongside them as part of a small-group, intimate interaction you’ll never forget. These unscripted programs give you an authentic dolphin swim excursion that will be the highlight of your time in St. Thomas. The best part of this adventure is how natural it is – the dolphins take the lead and decide how they want to interact with you. You’ll be able to play with, feed, and touch these majestic creatures at Coral World Ocean Park. 

If you can’t get enough one-on-one time with the amazing animals of St. Thomas, you’re in luck because you can also book encounters with sea lions and sharks! And if you’re vacationing in St. John or St. Croix, the dolphin swim experience on St. Thomas is just a ferry ride away!

Fun Facts about Dolphins

Getting excited to swim with the dolphins? Learn more about everyone’s favorite marine mammal!

  • There are 42 species of dolphins in the world.
  • Dolphins do not chew their food! They may break it into smaller pieces to swallow it.
  • Dolphins use whistles, squeals, and clicks to communicate via echolocation.
  • The biggest member of the dolphin family is the orca, or killer whale.
  • Dall’s porpoises can swim as fast as 35mph! 

Looking for more fun water activities in St. Thomas? Book a tour or experience ahead of your trip!