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St. Thomas Dolphin Tours

Meet dolphins up close and swim with them!

Meet and Greet with Dolphins

It’s rare to see dolphins in the wild near St. Thomas, but you can encounter these intelligent marine mammals up close at the Coral World open ocean sanctuary, where they are protected and trained.

Enjoy an unforgettable meet and greet with dolphins and learn why it’s so important to protect their habitats! Book a St. Thomas dolphin swim and splash tour online.


Learn About Dolphins & Their Habitats

The dolphins at the 2-acre sanctuary in Water Bay charm visitors of all ages. Their friendly faces and high energy invite you to join them in shallow water and get to know them up close. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you make a connection with them! Don’t expect scripted jumps or tricks — this is an unscripted, genuine experience where you learn about these amazing marine mammals.

Dolphin encounters are memorable for all ages. You meet them on an in-water platform in the sea sanctuary and have the option to enter deeper water to swim with them. As you wade in to meet them, you’re accompanied by a marine mammal specialist who shares interesting facts about dolphins and the habitats where they live. They’re passionate about the preservation of the marine ecosystems that dolphins call home, and you will be too after you’ve made fast friends with a dolphin!

Come swim with dolphins in St. Thomas! Book a meet and greet online today.

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