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Top Three Places to go Hiking in St. Thomas

From lush green mountains to miles of sandy coastlines, St. Thomas is beautiful from every angle. Whether you’re taking in the sights by boat, parasail, jeep, or by foot — there’s no wrong way to explore! There are some spots on the island that require you to strap up your hiking boots and climb to reach gorgeous views while hiking in St. Thomas. Get your camera, backpack, and sunglasses ready to dive into these beachside St. Thomas hiking trails.

an island in the middle of a body of water

Mermaid’s Chair

Mermaid’s Chair in St. Thomas is uniquely situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The small strip of land that divides them is best hiked during periods of low tide in order to walk between them. It’s a 3.6-mile out-and-back hike that is partially paved and includes a few private beaches to lounge at when you’ve made it down the sunny path. Mermaid’s Chair is located on the west side of St. Thomas within a local private residential area.

You’ll want to navigate to “Preserve at Botany Bay” and will need to check-in at the community’s front gate before starting your hike. There, you’ll receive a map of this St. Thomas beach and will need to sign a waiver. Don’t let the remote destination stop you from exploring as all St. Thomas beaches are open to the public and this area is filled with breathtaking views. With a 816 ft. elevation gain, you’ll want to make sure to wear proper hiking shoes and take plenty of water along for this exquisite walk in St. Thomas.

a group of palm trees next to a tree

Magen’s Bay Trail

St. Thomas hiking wouldn’t be complete without ending at a snorkeling and kayaking destination. Magen’s Bay is one of the most popular St. Thomas hiking trails because of its world famous beach. The 1.8-mile out-and-back trail has a 436 ft. elevation gain with a steep entrance into a tropical rainforest walk in St. Thomas.

Because this is one of the more popular trails, it’s very well maintained. Get up close to beautiful mangroves with roped trail boundaries and wooden staircases to assist you on your St. Thomas hiking adventure. The trail also includes a wooden overlook with a stunning view of Magen’s Bay. You’ll also come in contact with island iguanas, spiders, and intriguing wildlife on your walk. Because of the steep nature of the hike, we’d recommend hiking during dryer conditions and bringing plenty of water!

a rocky beach next to a body of water

Santa Maria Beach Path

Take it easy with a mile-long hike leading to a hidden gem of a beach. The entrance of this St. Thomas hiking trail is hard to spot with overgrown plants and a “private property” sign. But, as mentioned before, all St. Thomas beaches are public and so is this trail. The off-the-beaten path charm continues with ruins from old sugar mills and a truly beautiful secluded beach at the end.

The hike itself is very beginner-friendly and short. When you arrive at the beach, don’t expect a crowd or facilities as this is a more remote location. Make sure to bring food, water, and any snorkeling or boating gear with you. Look for the red and white fence off the west side of Fortuna Road for the entrance to this dazzling hiking spot in St. Thomas.

There are so many ways to enjoy St. Thomas — from water activities to hikes to secluded beaches. We hope you have a wonderful tropical island vacation with all the best St. Thomas trails. Check out our St. Thomas best beaches recommendations for a post-hike swim!