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Botanical Gardens St Thomas

Enjoy Tropical Wonders at the St. Thomas Botanical Gardens 

Close your eyes and imagine lush green leaves, vibrant tropical flowers, and vines crawling up tall canopies of trees. The island of St. Thomas was once a dense jungle filled with thousands of native plants and species. Today, you’ll find roads, shops, and residential homes winding through the Charlotte Amalie city center and glimpses of tropical plants as you go from port to port. To experience a look at what you might have seen stepping off a boat thousands of years ago, visit these botanical gardens in St. Thomas. 

Smell the Orchids at Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden

What started as a gardener with a dream is now two acres of over 1,200 plant species in the heart of St. Thomas. Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden is owned by architect Patsy Breunlin who loves to garden and wanted to share the beauty of St. Thomas with other island residents and visitors. She used her architectural background to build hurricane and earthquake-proof structures to protect the plants. Her favorites are the orchids and bromeliads, and so you’ll find a wide variety on your walk! 

The diverse ecosystem is also home to frogs and lizards, which keep the bug count down. Visitors can also spend time bird watching and reading the educational signs for more information about the gardens. Members of the gardens team are happy to share their expertise and love for the gardens as well. You can even leave with an orchid or tillandsias air plant from their gift shop or enjoy a refreshing juice! Make sure to check out their location page for information on finding their St. Thomas botanical garden location. The Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden is a great place to enjoy the unique biodiversity of St. Thomas after exploring its many water activities

phantasea flower


Watch the Peacocks at Plantation Crown and Hawk Botanical Garden

Traveling further west on St. Thomas, you’ll find the stunning and historical grounds of Plantation Crown and Hawk Botanical Gardens. This St. Thomas botanical garden was once a working sugar mill and garden back in the 1800s. The current owner, Jackie, is a horticulturist and started restoring the land in 1998. The latest hurricane destroyed the garden’s maze and she is still working with her team to overcome the damage. 

During your visit, you’ll find lively peacocks, turtles, and other St. Thomas wildlife.  

Stop at the gift shop, get a drink at the bar, or check out their event space, Villa Botanica in St. Thomas, for your next destination celebration. Make sure to give Jackie a call at Plantation Crown and Hawk Botanical Gardens for the latest information on when the gardens are open or to organize a group tour. She can be reached at 340-513-1243. We recommend making Plantation Crown and Hawk Botanical Gardens part of your custom itinerary on a St. Thomas Jeep tour. 

Rest Under the Trees at Emancipation Garden 

Looking for a spot to rest and learn more about the history of St. Thomas? Emancipation Garden is located in Charlotte Amalie, the island’s capital, and offers a small respite from city life. Its historic statues commemorate the day slavery was abolished on the island and there is even a copy of the Liberty Bell on site. The Lignum Vitae trees at the park are rare, native to the island and boast beautiful purple flowers. Stop and admire their beauty before exploring the rest of St. Thomas’s activities

The St. Thomas botanical gardens are always evolving! Plan your visit to watch the gardens change through the seasons.