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The Lookouts of St. Thomas

From the bioluminescent bays to the seaside mountains, finding a beautiful lookout point in St. Thomas is a great way to soak in all the views. The island is nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by radiant blue waters and archipelagos. After exploring the waters with a kayak, boat, or snorkeling tour, add a trip to one of these St. Thomas lookout points to your U.S. Virgin Islands travel agenda. Keep in mind, there are no ride shares on the island. We recommend checking out the island’s Jeep rentals, calling a taxi, or exploring on a local safari bus to reach these peak viewpoints.

Aerial view at Magens Bay from the viewpoints of St. Thomas island

Take it All in from Mountain Top, St. Thomas

Located just a few miles north of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Mountain Top is home to the Caribbean’s largest duty-free shop. Go shopping and enjoy one of their famous banana daiquiris while you take in the view of Magens Bay from the top of St. Peter Mountain. The road leading there is narrow and windy and drivers should be aware that cars stay to the left of the road on the island. Taking a private, custom tour is a great way to take in the city and make a stop at Mountain Top, St. Thomas.

Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, March 4, 2020

Get a Royal Lookout from Charlotte Amalie Overlook

Named after the former Dutch queen, Charlotte Amalie is the capital city of St. Thomas filled with tasty Caribbean fare, historical sites, and a large harbor for incoming ships. The Charlotte Amalie overlook gives you the best view of Havesight Harbor, Hassle Island, and the Virgin Island’s biggest city. The winding drive up is rewarded with a gorgeous sight perfect for viewing the sunset or taking in the city lights at night.

a person standing next to a river

Experience a Legendary View from Bluebeard’s Castle

Nestled on the east side of Charlotte Amalie is home of a local legend. As with most myths, the story’s details depend on who you ask. Some say the castle was built by Bluebeard the pirate to keep watch over the harbor. Others say he was a wealthy French man who would kill his wives until he was discovered and outwitted by his most recent betrothed. Whatever you choose to believe, Bluebeard’s Castle in St. Thomas is now home to a beautiful resort with a museum located inside of the tower. The top of the castle is the perfect spot to keep watch on the island’s beauty while discovering the Virgin Island lore.

The beautiful inland Magens Bay on the US Virgin Island of Saint Thomas as seen from mountain top.

Enjoy a Panoramic Picture from Drake’s Seat

While circumnavigating our beautiful world, Sir Francis Drake was rumored to have stopped at this gorgeous St. Thomas lookout point just down the road from the Charlotte Amalie Overlook. The actual bench that sits there today was built by Arthur Fairchild in 1933. From Drake’s Seat in St. Thomas, you can take in the panoramic view of Magens Bay. Being one of the island’s older lookouts, parking is limited and the road there requires patience to maneuver.

Once you’ve taken your camera to all these iconic St. Thomas lookout points, check out all the water activities and tours the island has to offer.